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Written By Mik Davis - Monster Jaw

'From Saturday 8th October 2016 onwards every job done by Pete will be on a fixed price, no more hourly rates, no more uncertainty as to how much you are going to have to pay out or how many times you will have to book in.

There is STILL a minimum charge of 30.00 which will apply if the tattoo goes over more than a single session but every effort will be made on my part to finish your design in one hit. This minimum charge for every successive session must be paid for at time of booking and in ether cash or by PayPal.

Any prices and payment relating to major pieces of work such as sleeves or backpieces for example are open to discussion.

ALL Ganesha designs, by Pete, over 7 inches in height will be 140.00. That's all you will pay unless it goes to a second or third session at which point that second or third sitting, which may run up to 2 hours, will only cost 30.00.

All prices are worked out to exactly the design you are asking about, so please understand, if you change your mind then the price will change accordingly.

This applies to any new bookings with myself.'

- Pete

Pete, Stu, Andy and Nettie offer over 80 Years of Experience of Professional Tattooing in a Registered, Clean and Safe Environment.

We also offer a Piercing service with Pete, Nettie, with over 32 years of Experience. Please note, Personal and Private Piercings are reserved for Over 18's only and Genital Piercings require a consultation 24 hours prior to booking.

We have a huge Flash Design Collection, Freehand, Custom designs to your needs. We also specialise in Cover Ups: If we cannot cover it then no one can.

Andy also provides a tried and tested Laser Removal Service with years of experience in removing and lightening unwanted tattoos at his studio Vendetta Tattoo Works at 28 Redbank Road in Bispham. Please contact him either direct on 07812 178381 or through Hawkeye's.

Competent & Literate, Hawkeye's is Open 7 days a week from at least 11am until 6pm. Evenings are available by appointment up to 9pm. We do NOT do Home Visits so please do not ask as a refusal will offend.

Pete is off Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Nettie is off Wednesdays. Andy is available at Vendetta Tattoo Works. Please contact Hawkeye's direct for Stu's availability.

All existing work agreed at our previous rate of 40.00 per hour will continue to receive work at that rate until the tattoo agreed upon is concluded.

We have a minimum charge of 30.00 and a Deposit is Required for ALL Art and Appointments, no exceptions. We WILL return a deposit provided notice of cancellation is given within no less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. Legally we DO NOT have to do this but we do because we understand that our clients' money is important to them. Plenty of studios out there don't return deposits, we do.

We take Cash only or PayPal, Gift Vouchers are Available from 10-00 upwards.

We are not subscribed to the Star Rating system operated by Blackpool Council as our studio is in Wyre Borough who have not adopted this system. As it is, only the first 3 stars are for hygiene, the 4th and 5th star relate to how well a studio keeps it's paperwork. There are no stars awarded for ability or experience and the system is derived from that used by Food Hygiene. It has as much in common with Tattooing as Spaghetti Hoops do to Italian Food.

You must be over 18 to receive a tattoo according to the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969. ID may be required for each customer. Your parents are not proof of your identity or date of birth. The management reserve the right to refuse customers for any reason.
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MESSAGE FROM PETE 'From Saturday 8th October 2016 onwards every job done by Pete will be on a... Read More
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Latest News
MESSAGE FROM PETE 'From Saturday 8th October 2016 onwards every job done by Pete will be on a... Read More
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Written By Mik Davis - Monster Jaw